Healing Happy Hour


In the mood for a great alcohol-free, de-stressing buzz?

That’s why we’ve created Healing Happy Hour.

On alternate Thursday afternoons, from 6-8:30 p.m., we offer painless, safe and gentle 45-minute auricular sessions (ear acupuncture) in a relaxed and enjoyable small group setting. This simplified yet highly effective form of acupuncture treatment will:

–Offer an opportunity to experience the relaxing and rejuvenating benefits of acupuncture.

–Use fewer points (accessible fully clothed) to calm your jangled nervous system, smooth and renew your energy, improve general well being and enhance sleep.

–Let you chill out for a fraction of the cost of a regular treatment. 

This might be the ideal, drama-free, guilty pleasure you can give yourself (or others). Subtract the booze, add some hair thin, painless pins and relaxing music, and Voila: 

     “We call it Healing Happy Hour (H3) because people usually leave here with a grin and an endorphin buzz,” says Blue Phoenix Director, Daniel Reinaldo Bernstein. “It’s great if you’re stressed out” – and who in New York isn’t?— “have anxiety or insomnia, or want to supplement your regular stop smoking treatments.” 

 Things you need to know about Healing Happy Hour before you start:        

We only accept cash. Payment is due before your acupuncture session begins. We suggest you not drive afterward. Please plan accordingly.  

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